Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Water service work this week

Water service work has begun on Greenwood Road. The service line from the water main to the yard shutoff valve (b-box) is being upgraded to a 1.5 inch diameter capacity for each home that currently has a smaller service line. Water service will be disrupted for a short time (up to 4 hours) during the day when the connection is made to the water main. Notices will be provided in advance of the water service disruption to allow you preparation time. If water appears discolored after the installation, please allow your faucet to run for several minutes beyond when the water flows clear. If no one is home when service is resumed, the Contractor will attempt to locate an outside hose faucet and turn it on to allow for clearing your system.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Work has recommenced!

Construction activities have started this week with traffic relocated to
the west side of Greenwood. Base course and curb excavation is in
progress and installation will start next week. Water service line work
will also begin next week and service disruption notices will be
provided in advance to those affected properties.

Project construction is anticipated to be complete by June 2011.